Robin Vande Zande
Robin Vande Zande is an Associate Professor in Art and Design Education at Kent State University. Earlier in her career, she taught art and design as an elementary, middle and high school teacher. The enthusiasm shown by her young students to the design lessons led to her dissertation study on the history of design education in K-12 schools in the United States from 1870-2000. Since that time she has researched and published many articles on design education.
Joe Schwartz
Joe Schwartz has been a visual designer for almost 30 years, and still loves doing it every day.

As a high school design educator for more than a decade and at the university level since 2013, Joe has become a leading advocate for PK-12 design education.
Rande Blank
Kevin Henry
Martin Rayala
Delane Ingalls-Vanada
Anna Sanko
Michael Santolupo
Nancy Vanderboom-Lausch
Doris Wells-Papanek
Scott Miller
Roy Young
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