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How to clean your computer the right way

For most of us, our PC is probably the most important piece of hardware we own. Not just because it’s essential for our work, but also for gaming. That being said, it’s important to clean your PC frequently so it can function properly and last longer.

In this post, our experts at will show you the exact techniques to clean your hardware using vacuum cleaners, so make sure you stay focused if you want to learn to clean your beloved PC.

The common myth

But first, let us clarify the common myth about using a vacuum cleaner on our PC. For a long time, people have been using vacuum cleaners to blow the dust out of their PC hardware, and the reason is mostly because of their effectiveness and accessibility.

However, little did we know, as the airflow moves inside your vacuum, the little dust particles can come in contact with the nozzle, generating static electricity. Since the nozzle is made of plastic, it’ll be difficult for the electricity to escape.

This slowly builds up a high-level static electricity on your vacuum nozzle, so if you put your vacuum nozzle too close to the electric circuit inside the motherboard, you’ll risk damaging them.

That being said, we’ve developed a completely safe method for deep cleaning your PC using the top vacuum cleaners.

Things you need to prepare

Here you’ll find all the things you’ll need to prepare to clean your PC:

A multi-function screwdriver set – Make sure it comes with all the screw sizes that you’ve had on your PC.

A can of compressed air – Instead of using the bulky and unsafe vacuum nozzle, we’ll use this to blow the dirt out.

Your trusted vacuum cleaner – You don’t need to have a vacuum that’s too powerful, as your handheld vacuum is more than enough.

A clean brush with extra-soft bristles – Use this to clean the tight and rough areas where the dust usually hides.

How to do it

Disassemble all the parts

To start with, you should remove the PC from all the connected cables. Then, move it to a clean and dry spot. Take the lid off your computer and start to unplug all the hardware components from the motherboard, but you could leave the CPU and fan untouched. If you’re unsure about this, you could take a picture and mark the cables before taking them out.

Clean the separated parts

Once you’ve taken all the different parts out of the PC case, it’s recommended that you clean the case itself. First, use the vacuum cleaner to get rid of all the small debris inside. Then, use high-pressure water and soap to clean the inside of your computer. Then, let it completely dry out in the air.

For the electric components, we’ll start with the motherboard first since you don’t want to leave it out for too long. Use the compressed air and blow away the dust that has been resting on the surface of your motherboard for too long. Also, remember to blow away the dust on the fans.

With the PSU, you should insert the compressed air deep inside and blow away the dirt that rests on the electric compartments. Also do this for the graphics card.

For the RAM sticks, hard drives, SSDs, and the like, it’s possible to use the clean brush to sweep away the dirt. But don’t do it too hard since you might damage them.

The only thing left is to clean your surroundings using the vacuum cleaner and wait for the case to dry.

Reassemble and test your PC

Once you’re done, it’s time to put things back together and test it, using the picture that you’ve taken beforehand to avoid any mistakes.


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How to clean your computer the right way

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